Adam’s Golf – TightLies Hybrid Campaign

Advertising · Art Direction · Compositing · Photography

Adam’s Golf TightLies Hybrid Campaign concept.

3D Construction: Keyan Kenney

The A/V Room: Dodecahedron – Album Cover

Art Direction · Compositing · Photography

Cover photography & design for the debut album from The A/V Room: “Dodecahedron”.


Oak Highlands Brewery

Art Direction · Branding · Illustration · Packaging

Oak Highlands approached us with the need for can designs for their family of beers.

Ask me about the original Freaky Deaky Monk.

Carry The Load Golf Tournament

Advertising · Art Direction · Compositing · Photography

Event poster for the Carry The Load Golf Tournament.

FedEx Office – Color Promotion

Advertising · Art Direction

FedEx Office Color Promotion print concept.

We were tasked with developing a print campaign that advertised the color printing capabilities of your neighborhood FedEx Office. This idea came around the time the Color Run had just exploded onto the scene.

Photographer: Randal Ford – http://www.randalford.com/

Copy Writing: Kelli Renfrow

Exit Partners

Art Direction · Branding · Motion · Photography · Web

We were tasked to develop the branding for firm specializing in Mergers & Acquisitions called Exit Partners.

For this project, I was responsible for the logo, the website design, the photography/portraits and the logo animation.


Tres Madres Chip Bag Designs

Art Direction · Branding · Packaging

Truco, the parent company of On The Border, were releasing a new line of organic tortilla chips. The chip line is called “Tres Madres” and these are several of my designs that were presented.

Facón – Wine Label Design

Art Direction · Branding · Illustration · Packaging

Facón is a Malbec/Torrontes wine family from Argentina and bottled in Texas.

The “facón” is the large knife carried by gauchos, or cowboys of the open plains.

Truluma Web Design

Art Direction · Branding · Web

Truluma is an independent Disability Income and Long-Term Care insurance brokerage firm out of Seattle, Washington.

We were responsible for their branding (logo by Greg Ring) and a revamped website.

Duke’s Travel Plaza

Art Direction · Branding · Illustration

There’s a little slice of Heaven just outside of Canton, Tx on I-20.

Duke’s Travel plaza approached us with a need for a new logo to compete with the monster gas station/Walmart that is Buckee’s. One of the best aspects of Duke’s is their dog park which, if you’re ever traveling with a 4-legged fur baby, makes Duke’s a no-brainer.

Taco Cabana – Corporate Cup T-Shirts

Advertising · Art Direction

Taco Cabana participates in the 2015 Corporate Cup competition. We were tasked with developing a design for their t-shirts.

Writer: Kevin Paetzel  www.bubblemower.com

Taco Cabana – Coffee Cups

Art Direction · Branding · Packaging

Taco Cabana wanted new, fancy coffee cups…So we came up with the name ‘Cafe Del Sol’ and here are the two final designs.



Texas Pure – Logo & Web Design

Art Direction · Branding · Web

Upscale and casual clothing brand specifically angled to Texans.

MOOYAH Promo Logos

Art Direction · Illustration

Summer Shake Games Promotion Logo and Summer of Shake Love Promotion Logo.

The third image is of ‘shake torches’ done in the classic Art Nouveau Olympic posters/icon style to align with the past summer games.

Wetumka Interactive Branding

Art Direction · Branding · Illustration

Kickass interactive company.


Balfour – “RAW” Promo Print Work

Art Direction · Compositing

Balfour’s new product line is called “RAW” and they needed a strong concept for various collateral pieces for their sales force.


Anger Room

Art Direction

The Anger Room is a place in Dallas where someone can pay to beat the crap out of everyday objects to relieve frustration. We approached them with several concepts and these are the elements we produced.

Copywriting: Alan McCoy – www.alanmccoy.com

Photography: Ben Garrett – www.bengarrettphoto.com




Art Direction · Branding

Bald Head Island, in North Carolina is the home of Revel, an architect/design and builder group.

Revel wanted a mark that utilized the most recognizable feature of the island: “Old Baldy”, a 223 yr old lighthouse.


Art Direction · Branding · Illustration · Packaging

[To paraphrase] “If Houston’s and Mama’s Diner had a child, it would be The Mockingbird Diner.”

Upscale interior design and food options with the casual-atmosphere of a traditional diner.

Solstice Chip Bag Designs

Art Direction · Branding · Packaging

Truco, the parent company for On The Border, approached us with the need for a new line of organic tortilla chips soon to be released in CostCo stores.

St. Jude – Evening Under The Stars

Art Direction

For the past 3 years, I’ve been responsible for designing the event logo and printed materials for the St. Jude Evening Under The Stars Party & Golf Classic. This is the event logo from 2016.


Motion Work


Occasionally I’ll make short movies.

Vacation movies. A soccer highlight reel. Short movie that I used to pop the question.

That sort of thing.



Art Direction · Branding

These guys are lawn & garden artists…Artists with shovels and occasionally a backhoe.




Art Direction · Branding · Illustration

Ever had an emergency in the middle of a road trip? Ever feared using the bathroom at ‘that gas station’.

Introducing the PoopStop app. Think of it like a Yelp for ‘really, really need to find a clean bathroom ASAP.’



Integer Halloween Poster

Art Direction · Illustration · Photography

The poster for the annual Integer Halloween party.

On The Border – Chip Bag Designs

Art Direction · Branding · Illustration · Packaging

On The Border was entering the wide world of consumer flavored-chip products to be available in major supermarket retailers in the Southwest.

SafePoint Security – Branding

Art Direction · Branding

Republic Tequila – Extra Anejo

Art Direction · Packaging

We were tasked to develop label designs for Republic Tequila’s bourbon barrel-aged Extra Anejo. Since this was going to be a limited release, we had more creative freedom with the packaging.

CityCentral Offices

Art Direction · Branding

New fancy logo for City Central, a community-office space for those times that you wanna make yourself look super busy and important in front of total strangers.



FedEx Office – Print Big Campaign

Advertising · Art Direction

AT&T – Michigan Avenue – March Madness Table Display

Art Direction

AT&T – Print

Advertising · Art Direction

Various AT&T print pieces.

This Is Wrong

Advertising · Art Direction

7Eleven needed a refresh to their “We I.D.” counter mat.

Copywriter: Nikki Lott

FedEx Office – Color Printing Promotion

Advertising · Art Direction

Fine Art

Fine Art

Help Portrait


Help Portrait is an annual event where photographers across the country set-up portrait studios to allow people to have their portrait taken. This shot was taken one year at the Rosemeade retirement community.

This is Stan and he is certainly a charmer. Stan is 87 and can’t remember the last time he had his portrait taken. His expression in the second shot was when his favorite nurse came over to say hello.


Dollar Flag

Art Direction

Editorial Illustration for Texas Monthly.

Heritage Boot

Art Direction · Branding

Logo for Heritage Boot company in Austin, Tx.


Windows to the World

Fine Art · Illustration

A homework assignment in Advanced Painting that turned into a much larger project.

Oil on 6″x6″matte board.

Harrah’s Promotional Logos

Advertising · Art Direction · Illustration

Mudbug Madness – Logo Design

Art Direction · Illustration

FedEx Office – Guerilla Marketing Concepts

Advertising · Art Direction

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