Adam’s Golf – TightLies Hybrid Campaign

Advertising · Art Direction · Compositing · Photography

Adam’s Golf TightLies Hybrid Campaign concept.

3D Construction: Keyan Kenney

The A/V Room: Dodecahedron – Album Cover

Art Direction · Photography


Oak Highlands Brewery

Art Direction · Branding · Illustration

Beer can design concepts and various logo options.

Carry The Load Golf Tournament

Advertising · Art Direction · Compositing · Photography

Wetumka Interactive Branding

Art Direction · Branding · Illustration

Kickass interactive company.


Taco Cabana – Corporate Cup T-Shirts

Advertising · Art Direction

Taco Cabana participates in the 2015 Corporate Cup competition. We were tasked with developing a design for their t-shirts.

Writer: Kevin Paetzel  www.bubblemower.com

Taco Cabana – Coffee Cups



FedEx Office – Pack & Ship Campaign

Advertising · Art Direction

The Trailer


A movie trailer I created to pop the question to my girlfriend.

Anger Room

The Anger Room is a place in Dallas where someone can pay to beat the crap out of everyday objects to relieve frustration. We approached them with several concepts and these are the elements we produced.

Copywriting: Alan McCoy – www.alanmccoy.com

Photography: Ben Garrett – www.bengarrettphoto.com



Project Aeris

Art Direction · Branding

This is a visual I created for a performance based in Las Vegas. The concept never got off the ground (pun intended) but it was still a great project to work on.

Integer Halloween Poster

Art Direction · Illustration · Photography

The poster for the annual Integer Halloween party.

Hardscape Concepts

Logo and branding for a local outdoor landscaping design company.

SafePoint Security – Branding

Art Direction · Branding

Slurpee T-shirts

A promotion for 7Eleven/Slurpee. Fans were encouraged to log-on and vote for their favorite shirt which was later produced and handed out to millions…Well, maybe not millions but a lot of people.

FedEx Office – Color Promotion


FedEx Office Color Promotion print concept.

We were tasked with developing a print campaign that advertised the color printing capabilities of your neighborhood FedEx Office. This idea came around the time the Color Run had just exploded onto the scene.

Photographer: Randal Ford – http://www.randalford.com/

Copy Writing: Kelli Renfrow

Republic Tequila – Extra Anejo

Art Direction

We were tasked to develop label designs for Republic Tequila’s bourbon barrel-aged Extra Anejo. Since this was going to be a limited release, we had more creative freedom with the packaging.

Facón Malbec

FedEx Office – Print Big Campaign

Advertising · Art Direction

Christmas Card Design

Art Direction · Photography

AT&T – Michigan Avenue – March Madness Table Display

Art Direction

AT&T – Print

Advertising · Art Direction

Various AT&T print pieces.

This Is Wrong

Advertising · Art Direction

7Eleven needed a refresh to their “We I.D.” counter mat.

Copywriter: Nikki Lott

FedEx Office – Color Printing Promotion

Advertising · Art Direction

FedEx Office – Pack & Ship Promotion

Advertising · Art Direction

Copywriting: Kelli Renfrow

FedEx Office – Travel & Shipping Promotion

Art Direction · Compositing

Fine Art

Fine Art

Help Portrait


Cochlear Implant Methods


My brother approached me with a new project: Illustrate three new cochlear implant methods that he and his team developed.

Dollar Flag

Art Direction

Editorial Illustration for Texas Monthly.

7Eleven Battle of the Bands Logos

Art Direction

Blockbuster “Get Into The Movies” Campaign

Advertising · Art Direction

Blockbuster Video, in an effort to stay relevant, needed a promotional campaign.

Harrah’s Animated Sequence

Advertising · Art Direction · Motion

A brief animated sequence created to bring life to Harrah’s iconic star.

Harvey’s Casino Print Campaign

Advertising · Art Direction · Online

Several print concepts and an online animated banner.

Harvey’s Casino – Print & Online Campaign

Art Direction

Cedar Street – Infusion Label Designs

Art Direction · Illustration

Heritage Boot

Art Direction · Branding


Mat Kearney T-Shirt Designs

Art Direction · Illustration

Perez Chiropractic – Branding

Art Direction · Branding


Windows to the World

Fine Art · Illustration

A homework assignment in Advanced Painting that turned into a much larger project.

Oil on 6″x6″matte board.

Aussie’s T-Shirt Designs

Art Direction · Illustration


Cedar Street Courtyard – Gift Card Designs

Art Direction · Illustration

Gift card concept for Cedar Street Courtyard in Austin, Tx.

Harrah’s Promotional Logos

Advertising · Art Direction · Illustration

Mudbug Madness – Logo Design

Art Direction · Illustration

FedEx Office – Guerilla Marketing Concepts

Advertising · Art Direction

Leap Frog In-Store Display

Art Direction · Illustration

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